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Amplify Roundtables are produced by Amplify Professional Services.


Who We Are:


IF your success or the success of the organization you lead is predicated on the delivery of projects or systems on time and on budget while meeting or exceeding the expectations of the stakeholders who are paying for them, AMPLIFY PROFESSIONAL SERVICES WILL BE OF GREAT HELP TO YOU.


IF your program or portfolio management functions lack accountability, adequate controls, need to be streamlined or if you want to see why you are spending so much within the IT organization without appropriate visibility, AMPLIFY PROFESSIONAL SERVICES WILL BE OF GREAT HELP TO YOU.


IF you must hire the best and brightest high level Program Managers, Portfolio or Project Managers who deliver the desired outcome you need, in your environment, so that you not only survive – but thrive, AMPLIFY PROFESSIONAL SERVICES WILL BE OF GREAT HELP TO YOU.


We are Amplify Professional Services. We provide Program, Portfolio and Project Management services and/or resources that will allow you to elevate the maturity level of your IT Organization and the service and value you provide your clients, exponentially.


You will find working with Amplify Professional Services and our straight forward pragmatic approach to be refreshingly different, extremely efficient, laser focused and most important a profitable, professional and enjoyable experience.




·        We provide a wide range of program, project and portfolio management services such as:


o   PMO assessment, strategy and development

o   Portfolio Audit and health assessment

o   Project process and controls assessment and strategy

o   Skills and requirements analysis


·        We build entire project teams that can deliver your solutions from inception to roll out


·        We recruit (on a service fee basis) the strategic leaders who are most critical to the success of your organization.   These include executive level IT leaders and senior level program, portfolio and project managers.


·        We provide  project managers who are experienced, fully vetted and have a track record of success achieving the specific desired outcome you require


·        We provide project review and audit services on the projects assigned to us. This ensures consistency and quality of the work we perform and ensures a smooth transition in the event you wish to re-assign a resource.



·        * Program/Project Management Services and Resourcing is our core competency, it is all we do.


·        * Our core team consist of former CTOs, Fortune 500 Program Managers and CIOs plus two of the most successful  search professionals who have recruited literally hundreds of high level project and program management professionals for successful start ups, Fortune 1000 Companies and the Big Five Consulting Companies- We know what we are doing….


·        * We employ a straightforward and pragmatic approach that our clients have come to appreciate.  Our goal is to define the specific desired outcome our client needs to achieve from every engagement and deliver that outcome in the most cost effective and timely way possible.


·        * We do not dictate what project management methodology or framework you use, we work within your parameters or recommend approaches which would work for your specific organization.


·        * We are honest and upfront with what we see or what we foresee as possible issues, risks or problems. Our philosophy is built around being proactive and sharing issues, either positive or negative, with our clients immediately.  We won’t sugar coat it, you get enough of that from your other vendors…


·        * We provide value. It is our mantra and dictates everything we do. We are passionate about what we do, laser focused on your objectives and totally committed to the clients we choose to serve.



To find out more about what we can do for you and to schedule a services overview,




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