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The Leading Edge Technology Series

Amplify Roundtables are intimate invitation only events designed to foster long term relationships with peer professionals across industries.  Our groups feature senior level executives from large corporate environments and fast growth start-ups.  We are focused on bringing together those in a variety of industries who share similar career paths and would like an expanded professional network of colleagues and leaders outside of their company.


Freddie Ravel
The Music of Business


How Technology is Changing the Game

Exploring the US - China Relationship
 How To Monetize Web Content in 2013

Hollywood Today -- Hollywood Tomorrow?

Games, Shoes and Trending Culture, What's Hot and Why?


Amplify Roundtable groups include:

Via our Leading Edge Technology series, all Amplify Roundtables  have the opportunity to meet each other as well as invited guests.


Dianne Gubin & Lee Schwing

Dianne Gubin

Lee Schwing

For more information, to host, or sponsor an upcoming
Amplify Roundtable or Leading Technology Series Event

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The VC Roundtable provides a private forum for on-going investor interaction.  Roundtable attendees include venture capitalists, private equity, family offices, corporate investors, angel groups and entrepreneurs.   


The VC Roundtable provides a singular opportunity to:


  • Meet other VC funds for potential syndication and exchange of ideas on various deals.
  • Hear about the latest vectors in technology and technology transfer.
  • Exchange ideas and new ventures and revenue models with your peers.
  • Explore the newest deal structures and financing trends.
  • Collaborate on an array of opportunities.


The VC Roundtable generates deal flow discussion, quality networking, and informal, intelligent education.

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